May 4 – Valparaiso and Viña Del Mar

The tour of El Teniente was cancelled today due to the recent heavy rains. We decided to spent the day in Valparaiso and Viña Del Mar.

At 9 AM this morning, we left for Valparaiso from our hostel in Santiago. Valparaiso is a major seaport city approximately 112 kilometers northwest of Santiago. The dense residential areas were situated on the steep hillsides that surrounded the bay. We started by visiting the streets on the hills and walked down towards the bay. 

Near the top of the hill, we had a beautiful view of the bay and the city.

The alleys and side streets were narrow and houses were painted with vibrant colours. Along some of the streets, modern murals were painted on the walls of houses.

As we walked closer to the seaport, our tour guide led us to an old boxy elevator that transport people up and down the steep, closely-packed hill. The cable and boxcar system carried us down to the commercial district of the city.

After briefly visiting the bay area, we continued to the next destination, Viña Del Mar, 8.5 kilometres northeast of Valparaiso. The  beach city is new in comparison to Valparaiso with modern urban planning and newer infrastructure. 

After having lunch, we braved the beach and sea. Despite of the cool weather, the waters were warm – greater than 10 degrees Celsius.

Tomorrow we are visiting the Andina mine, located in the Andes mountains. Expect another update tomorrow.

– Shengan

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